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The polisher is better


The technical characteristics of the single screw pump has high precision in using raw materials, and can improve the efficiency more than other cleaning machines. Urbanbull generally uses screw pumps with m working pressure for about one year.

The hardness of stamping parts will account for a large proportion in fiction. Generally, the surface of stamping parts is stamped into a stainless steel surface sheet, which is made of composite materials, so that the stamping parts are not prone to rust and rust spots are not prone to appear. The surface metal of nickel and nickel stamping parts is made of chromium-nickel plates containing chromium. Compared with steel and nickel, nickel is impact resistant, so it has high requirements for external mechanical properties and wear resistance.


The polisher is better

The testing items of the metal surface derusting equipment include: the analysis method and testing procedure of the surface of the steel plate material. Introduction to metal surface derusting equipment: Eddy current and impact absorption methods can be used. This equipment is mainly used for surface treatment to eliminate metal corrosion, reduce quality, reduce material loss, and save metal artificial materials.

Mechanical degreasing and chemical recycling are different from deburring mechanical degreasing methods and chemical recycling methods. There are five common mechanical degreasing methods: electro-galvanizing, chemical recycling and biological recycling. Chemical recovery is a chemical reaction that uses various chemical substance solutions and temperature, pollutant concentration, residual strength and other substances to dissolve in a chemical solution. After eliminating various pollutants, it can be divided into biological recovery and chemical recovery in terms of chemical action, and biological recovery is the adaptation of biological activities to the environment.

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15 years of industry experience

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