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Radiator deburring method


Many electromechanical equipment and daily necessities need to use radiators, such as notebooks, car radiators, etc., and its importance is also very important. Just imagine your laptop has been running for a long time on a hot summer day. If there is no radiator What is the hot temperature? Excessive temperature not only affects normal operation, but also shortens service life.


Products such as heat sinks will have burrs turned into the grooves after the plane is milled. Now if the burrs are manually deburred, too much labor and man-hours have been wasted. The burrs in the slots of the heat sink and other products may sometimes make employees want to cry without tears---large burrs are time-consuming and laborious, and small burrs are not easy to remove all!

Focusing on the field of deburring, after long-term R&D innovation and equipment experimentation, Hongshuo magnetic deburring machine can solve the problem of radiator deburring. Magnetic deburring machine, ingenious magnetic field distribution, conducts small grinding stainless steel needles, produces high-speed flow, turns and other actions, rubs the inner hole and surface of the workpiece, polishes, cleans, and removes burrs. The precision grinding effect can be in 5-10 minutes. The burrs in the grooves and corners of the heat sink can be quickly processed within a short period of time. It is mainly processed by rolling and impacting the surface and corners of the product through the tumbling of a small polishing needle, so as to achieve the effect of deburring and polishing.


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