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What are the characteristics of stainless steel polishing machine for processing stainless steel workpieces?


What are the characteristics of stainless steel polishing machine for processing stainless steel workpieces?

1. Adhesive characteristics of the grinding wheel. When grinding stainless steel workpieces, the grinding debris is easier to adhere to the surface of the workpiece, making the abrasive grains easy to lose the cutting effect. If it is to increase the friction phenomenon of the grinding wheel and the surface of the grinding workpiece, increase the grinding The cutting force and grinding temperature will deteriorate the integrity of the workpiece surface.

2. The work hardening of stainless steel polishing machine workpiece is mainly due to the large elongation, plastic deformation, and strengthening coefficient of stainless steel. It is easy to form a hardened layer during processing. Due to the instability of the structure, the structure of the workpiece is prone to transformation during processing.

3. When the grinding wheel is worn, there are three types of wear of the grinding wheel. One is abrasion wear. This kind of wear does not produce adhesion. During the second wear, there will be adhesion of abrasive debris on the surface. The wear is mainly spread from point adhesion to the surface, and a certain degree of adhesion rate will be reached.

When stainless steel polishing machine is processed, there is abrasion and wear. The radial wear of the primary grinding wheel is obvious, and burns may occur, and the grinding force fluctuates. Appropriate dressing can avoid burns. There will also be adhesion phenomenon during wear and tear. The adhesion is mainly a single abrasive particle, which will cause the abrasive particles to break and fall off. The grinding temperature of this kind of abrasion is very low and it is not easy to cause burns.

Because of this large-area adhesive wear, the abrasive grains will be connected to each other, a large amount of adhesion will occur, and some of the abrasive grains will fall off, and cavitation will be formed. The force between the workpieces to be processed will exceed the abrasive grains. There will be a lot of adhesion between the abrasive grains, resulting in a lot of adhesion.

In short, there are many types of stainless steel polishing machines, which have a wide range of specific applications and different scopes of application. In general, this type of equipment has a good polishing effect, which can well enhance the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and improve the performance of parts. And service life. So it plays a big role in the production of enterprises.

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