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Rotary multi-station deburring machine

Rotary multi-station deburring machine

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■ Equipment introduction

     The equipment is designed to meet the needs of deburring complex parts and multiple locations. Using dry brush deburring, PLC control, the whole process is completely automatic, the process parameter programming control of the brush, automatic compensation, each process parameter is independently controlled, the station adopts the rotation method, the part rotation and the overall rotation of the turntable are controlled by different motors. It can be linked with the fixture to form a multi-axis complex trajectory, and remove burrs at specific locations at a fixed point. The overall safety protection and fault self-diagnosis of the equipment adopt European standards.

■ Advantage

●  Unique deburring process.

●  high working efficiency.

●  The failure rate is low.

●  Good flexibility, versatile for many varieties.

●  The equipment technology is mature and cost-effective.

●  According to the needs of users, the design can be customized.

■ Technical parameter


■ Suitable parts for processing


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