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Flip deburring machine

Flip deburring machine

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■  Equipment introduction

The equipment is designed for double-sided automatic deburring of flat parts. It adopts wet deburring and automatic turning. During operation, multiple power heads work at the same time, and the power head adopts multi-disk brush revolution and rotation compound motion and servo lift control. It can evenly and effectively remove burrs on multiple parts of the plane and form even rounded corners, automatically compensate, and can realize unmanned operation. The automatic connection with the previous process can efficiently and stably remove the burrs formed by typical processes such as double-sided milling and double-sided grinding.

■  Advantage

●  The advanced technology can effectively remove the residual filamentous burrs in the small holes, the deburring efficiency is high, and the consumption of consumables can be reduced by 30%.

●   High precision, can control the size of the rounded corners without changing the shape and position tolerance of the deburring plane.

●   The production efficiency is high, and the production cycle can reach 1s/pc.

●   Conveyor belt drive is reasonable, reliable, long service life, and easy to replace.

●   The power of the demagnetization equipment is small, the demagnetization effect is good, and the remanence is less than 2 Gauss.

●   Automatic demagnetization flip.

■  Technical parameter


■  Applicable processing parts


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