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Cavity deburring machine

Cavity deburring machine

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■  Equipment introduction

The equipment is based on American advanced internal cavity grinding and processing technology. It uses spherical steel balls as abrasives. Under the action of fluid, the steel balls flow through the processing surface or inner hole for grinding processing. It is especially effective for complex parts that cannot be reached by general knives and abrasive tools such as recessed surfaces and curved channels. This process technology makes the internal cleaning, deburring and polishing of the castings safe and reliable, and can simultaneously handle the internal and external sharp edges and flow of complex box parts. Defects and cleanliness problems in the inner wall of the tract, airway, and water cavity.

■  Advantage

●  The technology is advanced and unique, and the efficiency of inner cavity cleaning, deburring and polishing is high.

●  The integrated processing of complex parts meets the user's versatility requirements for deburring and cleaning equipment.

●  The operating cost is low, the abrasive is easy to clean, and there is no residual risk.

●  Excellent workmanship, anti-seismic design, high configuration, stable equipment, and sustainable 24-hour work.

●  Strong application development capabilities, advanced and mature process design concepts for different types of parts.

●  Rich fluid processing theory and experience, comprehensive application of rheology, hydraulic grinding, and abrasive flow technology provide users with appropriate deburring and polishing processes.

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■  Suitable parts for processing


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