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Vacuum adsorption plane deburring machine

Vacuum adsorption plane deburring machine

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Equipment introduction

It is aimed at the single-sided sharp edge burr removal equipment produced in the process of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials such as valve plates, sheet metal parts, fine blanking parts, and processing. The equipment adopts negative pressure adsorption and conveying mode, which can be integrated design with multiple processes and multi-power heads. During operation, the multiple power heads are independently controlled and work at the same time. The power head is designed with abrasive belt or multiple disc brushes to wait for lift control. It can evenly and effectively remove burrs in many places on the plane and form even rounded corners. The burrs are automatically compensated to realize less humanized operation. Equipment assembly line: 1. Two equipment can form a production line, with automatic flipping in the middle, to realize the simultaneous removal of burrs on both sides. 2. Equipped with automatic feeding function. 3. Equipped with a turning conveyor, the parts are fed back to the origin and automatically unloaded.


     ■ Advantage

     ●   The advanced technology can effectively remove the flanging and hole burrs, and the deburring efficiency is high, and the consumables can be reduced by 30%.

     ●   High precision, can control the size of the rounded corners, without changing the shape and position tolerance of the deburring plane, and can adjust the roughness of the plane as needed.

     ●    The production efficiency is high, and the production cycle can be matched with the high-speed fine-blanking machine.

     ●    Vacuum negative pressure adsorption, conveying and feeding (applicable to workpieces that are not magnetically adsorbed, such as stainless steel plates, copper plates, and aluminum plates).

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